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Accounting Checklist for small business: 10 Points to Consider

The accounting need for a business does not depend upon its size. It is an essential part of business regardless of its size. But it can be difficult if you are new to it.

If you do not have a compelling accounts receivable process, you might lose valuable revenue. Not putting a process in place for accounts payable can result in late payment charges or open up space for fraud.

The one thing overlooked by most of the companies is accounting, but they forget that it is an essential part of the company. To make small businesses aware of accounting importance, we have created an accounting checklist to help small businesses go through their accounting process quickly.

Ten accounting checklists for small businesses

To create a balance sheet or invoice, you need not necessarily be a CPA. The checklist created by us will help you perform the accounting activities and guide you and explain the different steps involved in the process. It is to make sure that you know what you are doing and why.

These checklists, you will see how you can automate the accounting process and save your time and money

The majority of the accounting work depends on the knowledge of the necessary process and how to effectively follow through with them. The methods listed below train accounting staff to effectively handle accounting tasks.

We have tried to make sure that we cover all the bases for accounting needs.

  • Onboarding procedures for accounting:

Onboarding of employees requires an entirely focused process on fitting the new employee into its culture and operation.

When staff onboarding is useful, it leads to higher productivity, better team morale, and increased employee retention.

Here, the primary focus is on the administrative task required to bring someone new into the company.

Employees’ knowledge in the area of their work can also be tested with specific tasks. Plus, importance is given to getting your new employee to work well with the company’s internal system.

  • Creating an invoice:

The lifeblood of the business is the invoicing of the clients.

To run a successful business, you need to get remuneration for the work done by you. Without compensation, you will only be running a charity, which is a great thing to do, but will not help put food for you and your staff.

You can use a business accounting service to help you bring in the money when you need it. They will provide a straight and straightforward method for generating invoices, which will also save your time.

  • Bank reconciliation template:

Accounting involves double-checking your work or the work done by others to make sure that there are no mistakes at all and correct them if there are any. The only reason why the accounting procedure feels tough is that you are supposed to do the same calculation differently.

When you use financial outsourcing services, they will begin at the point of preparing your takings for the bank, after which they will be checking their calculation and then that of the bank again to see that the figure matches.

Making mistakes is easy, and correcting them when they have been left on for too long is difficult. The business accounting services will make sure that they ward off any errors that might be there.

  • Expense management account:

The process of dealing with the employee’s expenses is a very messy task. There needs to be clarity on what is being claimed and why. It is even uncertain who will be approving the claim or if it has been given yet or not. There are even incidents where the request is approved and processed, but the amount does not reach the employee. But these scenarios can be avoided with the help of an excellent financial outsourcing company.

They will bring all the employees involved in the process into the conversation. They will complete their respective work and ensure that the expense is dealt with smoothly and quickly, documented for audits later in the process.

  • Accounts receivable process:

You are bound to expect payments when you are working for someone. This process will provide you enough insights into getting the due payments and how to keep your business running when you are waiting for those payments.

A good business accounting service will always be good at the art of accounting for the money that you do not have at the moment but will receive in the future.

  • Accounts payable process:

Another essential part of the business is making sure that you pay for things you are supposed to.

Missing these payments can result in charges or interest or even damaged business relationships. Another part of it is to make sure that you receive what you pay for

A well-maintained process will ensure that such things do not happen and minimize the risk of fraud.

  • Income statement process:

The income statement or profit and loss statement is one of the main pillars of the business.

Its primary purpose is to show the profit and losses incurred by the business over time.

An excellent financial service outsourcing company will calculate your gross profits, profits before taxes, and other earnings you will need to show to represent your business.

  • Cash flow report:

Cash flow reports give you an insight into the cash inflow and outflow of the business and tell you the current status of the cash available with the business

This process will guide you through the correct way of recording and reporting the most critical business transactions and figures.

  • Balance sheet statement preparation checklist:

The balance sheet is the loss of all the assets and liabilities of the company.

It is beneficial when you have an investor meeting coming up, as this document will tell the investors about the assets and the investments by other shareholders.

It is an essential document. This process will guide you through the steps you need to follow to prepare this document.

  • Annual financial report template:

These reports tell you about the happening in the business all year round. It will tell you about the cash flow, balance sheet, income statements, etc.

These reports are not just numbers. They tell about the future projection of the company as well.

These reports are proof of the great work done by you and your team.

Final words

Accounting can be a challenging task when you are new to it. But with the help of the above ten checklists, you can make sure that it is done right. Make sure to hire the best financial services outsourcing company to help you out with your needs. If you are looking for business accounting services, feel free to contact at FinAcc Global.

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