Benefits of outsourcing Staff Augmentation for businesses
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Benefits of outsourcing Staff Augmentation for businesses

Staff augmentation is one of the common phrases used in the IT industry. Most of the phrases are just improvised versions of the older phrases and are commonly known to people. But what are Staff Augmentation services? Is it a new trend or just a variation of an already existing phenomenon? Let’s find out.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation can be defined as the strategic manner in which outsourcing is done to fill up its loopholes. It can be defined as providing jobs to the candidates for a curtailed period.

Staff Augmentation services are used to fulfill the contract requirements and hire employees who have plenty of knowledge in the desired field. The augmented employees can link with the organization at any point of the organization’s advancement. The organization’s main intention is to use the skills they have and move the project to the next level.

In brief, professionals are hired in an already well-settled team to boost the work process and speed up certain project completion pace.

Why choose Staff Augmentation?

Some specific programs or projects require new and competent professionals. Few organizations do not hire these professionals directly into the already built teams. They need outsourced working individuals who are skilled enough at their specialized work.

They hire them on outsourcing for consultation purposes, designing for the company’s proficiency, or sometimes for the analytical part. They take the assistance of companies offering recruitment process outsourcing.

These hired professionals are required for a short period acting as an additional set of resources. For this, Staff augmentation services come into the role and allow to do cost cuttings (employment costs) and refine the program’s coherence. Through this, you can find the eligible professional to take your project ahead and conclude it efficiently.

Companies need a recruitment process for a specific project or program because they don’t need those professionals for a long time. They want specific work done from it; therefore, they use staff augmentation for doing so.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

  1. Cost Cutting: It’s straight and simple; you pay for the work you want to get done. Outsourcing is the best way of cost-cutting without compromising the existing standards of the organization. You hire some skilled professionals to thrust the project forward, improvise the existing projects, or commence a new project that requires a specific skill set.
  2. Proficiency: The company should hire someone with specific experience and skill set. They should hire a person who fulfills their expectations for the job and matches the job profile. No specific educational certificate is required unless the company demands it.
  3. Flexibility: If the project goes right on track without any hurdles, one doesn’t need to fret about auxiliary professionals that might fail to keep their jobs once the project completes. You just chose some professionals with the right skillset and continued delivering top-notch services using recruitment process outsourcing.

Disadvantages of Staff Augmentation

  1. Unproductive Cost: It can sometimes be unproductive if the project takes too much time for completion or when you hire someone for a longer span than you expected.
  2. Education: Even if you hire some professionals with a good skill set, you still need to educate them about the project or the program they are being hired to work for. If these training processes go longer than expected then, it could lead to failures.
  3. Management: Staff augmentation services provide potential assets to your company. The outcome of the project virtually depends on you wholly. So, the whole process of quality assurance still depends on your shoulders. Therefore, after the recruitment process outsourcing, you can focus entirely on managing your team and project.

Final words

The demand graph for highly skilled and experienced software developers is going higher day by day. So many IT companies are looking towards staff augmentation. It is the service provided in a managed way by the companies. It should be done by all the large- and small-scale companies to boost their productivity as a whole.

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