How can accountants guide their clients during these hard times
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How can accountants guide their clients during these hard times?

Economy, the world over, has contracted and some businesses have simply folded up. Even before Covid struck there was a downturn and the pandemic accelerated it with lockdowns bringing businesses to halt. Those that survive find the going extremely tough. Manufacturers and traders are hit by labor shortages, reduced production and worse, reduced purchases. A business, small or large, must navigate the straits carefully in order to survive and flourish. Accountants play a key role in piloting the business ship to stay afloat, safe and forge ahead. They do need to be experts but it would be difficult to find such experts whereas, when you engage outsourced accounting services you get expertise which makes all the difference. 

This is how accounting outsourcing company can steer you to success during these tough Covid-19 times. 

The hawkeye

No, Hawkeye here has nothing to do with the Avenger’s character. When you engage outsourced accounting services they take care of everything:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Daily updates
  • Thorough check of daily financial statements by highly qualified CFA/CA who know what to look for and where to look and remedies

The Avenger Hawkeye is the acme of human conditioning. Likewise, top-level accountants at accounting outsourcing company are like Hawkeye in their profession. They keep a sharp lookout and, recommend right steps you should take to thrive. 

Costs and expenses control

Businesses today, especially smaller ones, do not have the luxury of cash reserves or filled out order books to cover all expenses. Engage outsourced accounting services if you wish to exercise cost and expense control. It is not as simple as one assumes. For example, one way to control money outgo is to retrench employees and cut down on sales and marketing budget. However, that would be like shooting yourself in the foot as the wise accountant will tell you. You can reduce travel expenses and try to conduct business through video conferencing and save substantial amounts in the process. 

Their expertise lies in helping you to balance expenses with spending on essentials that will help growth. 


How much should you spend on what is a question you may not be able to decide from the finance perspective? This is where expert accountants can help you to priorities. They will go through your statements and books with a fine-toothed comb and make recommendations on future course of action with a plan you can follow. Many small business owners do not budget for contingencies such as unexpected requirement of cash or shortage of money because you do not receive payments from buyers in time. Your accounts experts consider all possible factors and help you budget for every month. 

Debtors and creditors

Their analysis will show up buyers who are tardy in payment and buyers you can consider as bad risks. Delay in receiving payments can be highly risky in today’s tough times. Therefore, you learn to keep a sharp eye on outstanding and to take steps for timely collection. They can help prepare a plan to offer incentives to buyers for cash purchases and timely or early payments to ease your cash flow. 

Likewise, if you purchase raw materials, goods and services, your accountant will show ways in which you can obtain extended credit. They may even help you with external financing from banks or other parties so that your operations never come to a halt due to cash crunch. 

Taxation and schemes 

Are you aware of reliefs offered in taxes and schemes to help business tide over the present Covid challenge? Chances are you do not have full knowledge. Accounting Outsourcing Company that you engage usually employs professionals to keep track of all such developments in taxation and schemes for business. 

You can benefit by their knowledge and get tax reliefs while you apply for various schemes that will put money in the bank for you. 

Talking about taxes, this is one crucial area where outsourced accounting services with their CA and CFA consultants can provide guidance on correct procedures and compliance. In addition, you get the benefit of their advice that will result in minimum tax outgo. What you save is your earning. 

Analysis and projections

How well are you doing? You will not be able to make head or tail from your accounts statements. Accounting outsourcing companies employ experts who will take a close look and tell you precisely the state of your financial health and projections on what it will be like 3 months from now. You can take timely decisions based on their advice and avoid pitfalls that could bring your business to a grinding halt. 

Business is as much about expert and clever accounting as it is about your sales skills. Engage outsourced accounting services such as FinAcc Global to get expert financial services and you will see your business forge right ahead even when times are tough.

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