Outsourcing accounting services to India_ FAQs

Outsourcing accounting services to India: FAQs

Outsourced accounting services are gaining high popularity in India. People are becoming more interested in outsourcing accounting services. In this blog we will look at the most important FAQs on outsourcing accounting services in India.Outsourcing accounting services to India_ FAQs

1. How much does account outsourcing cost in India?

Account outsourcing in India is cost-effective and is designed to save your money. The benefit of outsourcing is that it allows you to get your work done easily at a very less cost. 

Although the cost of outsourcing accounting service in India depends on the type of work, size of the company, and its location.

2. What software does accounts outsourcing firms in India use?

Accounting outsourcing firms in India use all major auditing, accounting, payroll, and outsourcing softwares. The technology experts of the accounts outsourcing firms adopt new technologies and deliver the finest solutions. 

Some of the major software packages the companies use are:

  • CaseWare working Papers
  • CaseWare Financials
  • Sage
  • Tally
  • QuickBooks
  • Peachtree

3. Enlist some of the benefits of accounts outsourcing to India?

Some of the major benefits of accounts outsourcing to India include:

  • Increases team scalability
  • Access training and qualified
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Minimize legislative stress
  • Faster jobs turnaround
  • Dedication and time to focus on enhancing business

Some pros and cons of outsourced accounting services include:


Well-experienced and dedicated staff.

Satisfactory and productive work delivery.


It can cause problems if job costs go beyond the estimate.

It can discourage efficiency because as the longer the accounting outsourcing company takes to do the work, the more cost is beared by the company.

4. What is accounting outsourcing services?

There are many outsourcing services with different types of accounting. The most prominent account outsourcing services in India include:


It is a process of keeping records of financial affairs of a business and is a part of accounting in business. The transactions include payment, sales, and receipts by a person or a company.

Accounting outsourcing

Accounting is a very organized and comprehensive recording of financial transactions of a business. It includes the basics of accounting activities, recording transactions, and to understand debts in detail.

If you are unaware of what a chartered accountant is, have a look here. A CA is a member of a personal accounting body. He or she is skilled in a number of areas from management to auditing.

Tax accounting outsourcing

It is a structure of accounting outsourcing methods that focuses on taxes. Tax accountants are experts when it comes to claims and paying tax unncessarily.

Financial controller services

Financial controller services provides a crucial management tool for decision making in various fields of the business. It includes assigning work, dealing with new clients, and overseeing staff.

A financial controller has the responsibility for ensuring that all accounting outsourcing allocations are properly made and documented.

Forensic accounting outsourcing

Forensic accounting utilizes accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to conduct an exam into a company or individual’s financial statement. 

Accounting audit

One of the crucial parts of accounting is auditing. An accounting audit outsourcing is evaluation of the company’s financial records. It makes sure that the statements are fair and precise and represents a company’s financial position.

The financial statements and reports are checked by auditors and ensures accuracy and validity of the statements.

The accountants are involved in analyzing and recording business transactions, bookkeeping and checking the financial capabilities of businesses.

5. What is accounting outsourcing in India?

Accounting outsourcing in India is a service that provides a full accounting services. It is a process of sending work to suppliers instead of completing the task internally on your own. An accounting department handles transaction coding, accounts payable, payroll, managing financial reporting, etc.

6. What are the reasons for accounting outsourcing to India? 

Accounting outsourcing is a process of delegating a company’s business accounts to third parties or any external agency. 

Following are the reasons to choose accounting outsourcing to India:

  • It lowers expenditure on fixed costs and controls variable costs.
  • By outsourcing accounts, you can attend your business process.
  • It provides quality outputs.
  • It offers access to new markets by enabling companies to establish local presence and get access to new markets.

Final words

Outsourcing accounting services are becoming popular among almost all the verticals in India. It assists in streamlining the accounting process and also saves companies time and resources. Companies interested in outsourcing accounting services can contact FinAcc Global.

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