Why India is Top Outsourcing Destination for Bookkeeping services?

Why India is Top Outsourcing Destination for Bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping servicing mainly revolves around keeping a systematic record of the financial transactions of a firm.

It forms a massive part of the accounting work of a company.

India is becoming a booming hub for outsourcing bookkeeping services. Europe, Canada, USA and the Asia Pacific are the major clients when Outsource bookkeeping services India are concerned.

India’s outsourcing business sector forms more than 50% share of the worldwide bookkeeping outsourcing service.

India tops the list of outsourcing bookkeeping services simply because of its flexible nature to adopt the altering market scenario. Additionally, providing exceptional customer service and efficient output help India maintain its position in the global market.

The advantage of outsourcing India for bookkeeping services might be noted under the following heads.

  • Friendly Government Policies:

    • A very important factor contributing to the generation of foreign income in India is its outsourced bookkeeping services. The norms and rules of the outsourcing policies developed by the Government of India are cordial enough to attract more and more foreign clients.
    • The flexibility in outsourcing procedure is good enough to persuade foreign clients. The yearly growth of the outsourced income in the country is a live proof of the growing Indian outsource share in the market.


  • Professional Services and on-time delivery:

    • India is famous for generating a skilled workforce. Accuracy and efficiency are the two pillars on which the foundation of India’s outsourcing business lies.
    • Accounting is a procedure that demands zero error calculation. Since bookkeeping forms the 1st step in any accounting procedure, generating 100 % accurate tabulation of the critical data of the financial transactions is absolutely crucial. Thus, the importance of efficiently delivering bookkeeping function is massive.
    • Various firms abroad prefer not to carry out its critical bookkeeping tasks in the hustles of the busy office environment. Thus, India comes into the picture.
    • Indian accounting firms are well equipped and capable of handling a client’s requirements to its fullest potential. Suitable infrastructure forms the icing on the cake. Efficient technology and adequate talent drive the operation of Indian bookkeeping firms.
    • With no verbal communication problem and 100% guarantee of privacy and security, Indian outsourcing firms are ever ready to deliver the best result and well before time. 


  • Flexible Operations:

    • The Indian bookkeeping firms believe in the policy of being partners with their clients. Thus, guaranteeing intense involvement with the clients with regard to the assignment in hand.
    • The firms make it a point to thoroughly comprehend the customer’s business model, work culture and the definite target before commencing. This puts the bookkeeping firms at the advantage of being flexible to the core to carry out the accounting task in accordance with the client’s strategic framework.
    • The multi-skilled Indian workers can present accounting exercise exactly in the way the client picturise the result. 


  • Various Accounting Services:

    • The bookkeeping services Indian accounting firms do are many in number.
    • Financial accounting encompasses aggregating financial data in excel and thus producing a compact report.
    • Indian accounting firms make sure to enlighten themselves with the firm’s financial statements or the standards sealed by the respective government before commencing work.
    • Government accounting is also done by Indian firms. Under this specific and unique framework is used to manage funds which further facilitate cash disbursements for the various expenditure of a public organization. The field of management accounting is concerned with the process of aggregating accounting action to facilitate internal operational bookkeeping.
    • Target costing and cost accounting form a mentionable part of management accounting. Tax accounting is all about working closely with the realm of tax filling, planning and regulation, and targets to reduce the tax burden of a company.
    • Internal auditing is all about assessing the company’s financial transactions and operations to save it from facing fraudulence and loss. 


  • Boosts Productivity:

    • Indian outsourcing accounting firms take off a massive burden of bookkeeping tasks from the client. Thus, the parent firm is freed to lay complete focus on its core business operation and hence works towards the growth.
    • Indian human capital with good knowledge of the English language and the flexibility to work on a computer is a major contributor in advertising Indian bookkeeping outsourcing industry.
    • The services offered are completely customized and thus help form an attractive package for global clients. 


  • Saves cost:

    • Outsourcing its accounting operations to Indian bookkeeping firms helps global companies reduce their cost of production to a substantial extent without compromising on the quality of accounting service.
    • The cost of hiring laborers to carry out the accounting operations of a firm amounts to a higher sum as compared to the price it has to pay by hiring outsourced accounting service.
    • Thus, a major firm chooses to hire Indian accounting firms to carry out the tedious task of bookkeeping.


The above analysis portrays a clear understanding of the outsourced bookkeeping solutions a global firm could opt for.  The supporting reasons are convincing to their fullest potential. Indian outsourcing companies are up to date as far as technology is concerned.

The difference in the time zone of India and other European countries enables the clients to get “follow the sun” customer service. The advancement in communication technology enables the work to be done from anywhere and at any time.

Thus the boon of globalization has bridged the gap between nations and has opened the door for recognizing talent across the world. 

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